Four new animal species found in Altai cave

In Altai, in the Kek-Tash cave, at least four species of animals were discovered that were still unknown. The discovery was made by the participants of the caving expedition "Altai Depths - 2016", which was undertaken by the Russian Geographical Society (RGO).

Kek-Tash cave is the deepest of the caves of Russia located east of the Urals (in any case, the deepest of all explored). According to the head of the expedition Stanislav Kuptsov, no one has yet investigated the inhabitants of this cave. Therefore, it is quite natural that the very first attempt brought the result.

Unknown animal species found in Kek-Tash cave.

The troglobionts discovered by the expedition members (living organisms living in caves, mainly crustaceans and insects) can be representatives of very ancient species of living creatures.

In addition to studies of the cave fauna, samples of limestone deposits were collected in the Kek-Tash cave under the guidance of climatologist Yuri Dublyansky. The age of cave stalagmites and stalactites can be in the millions of years. According to the head of the expedition, the study of the collected materials will more accurately predict climate change.

Going down into the depths of rocky rocks you can feel all the power of the earth's interior.

In addition, cavers determined the geography of the cave and discovered a new system of passages. The result of this was an increase in the total length of the currently known moves, which now amounts to more than three kilometers. However, the most significant achievement was the discovery of new species of living organisms, which have yet to be thoroughly studied by biologists.

Even the old map of the cave labyrinths scares with its depth.

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