A herd of horses is walking in the center of Sterlitamak

The social networks of Sterlitamak (Republic of Bashkortostan) were blown up by news that no one expected. Their participants discuss the fact that on the evening of August 20, a herd of horses walked freely through the streets of the city. At the same time, neither the shepherd nor the owner of the animals was visible nearby.

Eyewitnesses of this incident, which is not typical of the city, write on social networks that the horses were seen on Sacco and Vanzetti streets and Hudabeyrdin street, near the Mira stop. At the same time, the horses not only walked the streets, but also left behind well-known vital products and the characteristic odor corresponding to them. Foals were walking with adult animals. Of course, there is nothing wrong with small horses, but it is not known what can happen if the mares are scared for their foals or consider that someone is a threat to them.

Horses walk along the streets of Sterlitamak.

As one of the subscribers of the Typical Sterlitamakovets group wrote, this is “the work of a slobber who released a herd of 20 animals into the city to graze. But they can be hit by a car. True, since the herd is grazed without a master, let someone pick it up to his village, it may come in handy on the farm. " So far, social networks are discussing the question of who is the owner of the herd and who will clean the manure they left behind the animals. It has also been suggested that this was an action timed to coincide with World Animal Day.

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