Premium dog food

It is very easy to get confused in the assortment of dog foods offered under different brands, especially to an inexperienced dog breeder. Even within the same brand, there is no uniformity: feeds are focused on different groups of animals, and therefore differ in ingredients and nutritional value.

Natural or factory

About 30 years ago, the choice was obvious: in the absence of the sale of industrial feed, tetrapods were fed with products from their refrigerator.

Plus, this diet has one - you always know exactly what your pet eats, and control the amount of food eaten.

The disadvantages of natural nutrition are more:

  • cooking takes a lot of time and energy (especially if you have a large dog);
  • creating a truly healthy dish will require knowledge and experience;
  • You will have to regularly buy top dressings so that the dog receives not only calories, but also vitamins / minerals.

Of course, there are adherents of the natural diet in our time, but most dog breeders do not want to burden themselves with unnecessary troubles, preferring storefoods.

Industrial feed

All dog food sold through retail outlets (stationary or online stores), it is customary to divide into five conventional classes:

  • Economy
  • Premium
  • Super premium
  • Holistic
  • Canned food

It is interesting!Each type of feed assumes its greater / lesser naturalness, calorie content, its target “audience”, the presence / absence of cereals, animal or vegetable fats, preservatives, useful or harmful additives.

Dry feed economy class

This a priori food is of poor quality: it is stuffed with offal, preservatives, soy, food waste and is completely devoid of vitamins.
Such granules are often not completely digested in the dog’s stomach, causing its upset, provoking allergic manifestations and all kinds of diseases of the internal organs.

As a rule, it is the packaging marked "economy" more often than others flicker on television screens and on the World Wide Web. Do not believe the actors playing the roles of happy owners of vigorous dogs: these animals feed on elite feeds, and not at all those that appear in the frame.

Premium dry feed

They stand a notch above economy feeds, but are still not recommended for daily nutrition, as they are generously flavored with flavor / odor enhancers and the same preservatives. They differ from the economy version by a larger proportion of animal proteins. But this, as a rule, is not complete meat, but offal and waste. True, in this feed there are natural ingredients, including cereals and vegetables.

Important!If there is no money for elite food, you can transfer your caudate to an economy diet for 5-7 days. After a week, try to return to quality food.

Super premium dry food

You can put a quality mark on such food if the developer approached his task in good faith.
A similar product consists of natural meat, eggs, cereals, healthy food additives and natural preservatives.
There is no place for flavorings, because of which the food does not have a bright smell, forcing the dog to overeat.

Super-premium food is produced for different dog breeds and age (or other) needs: you can find products for babies, adults and aging, for sterilized and neutered, allergic or other ailments.

The feed has a drawback - it contains non-digestible components: their presence gives an incommensurably large amount of dog excrement during the walk.

Holistic class

Perfect food for your animals, which includes selected meat. Manufacturers of products do not hesitate to describe in detail its composition, which includes (except for animal meat) herring and salmon meat, fruits, vegetables, herbs and probiotics.

Vitamins, antioxidants and trace elements are required in this feed.. Foods of this class are so balanced and safe that they can fearlessly eat not only the dog, but also its owner. And this is not an exaggeration. Daily use of a holistic product guarantees your pet a long and active life.

Canned food

Despite its appealing appeal, this type of factory feed is not suitable for regular feeding.. Maintaining an appetizing consistency involves the use of an increased dose of preservatives, which will not benefit the animal's body.

It is interesting!If you want to treat the dog with wet food, veterinarians advise: firstly, mix it with dry granules in a 1: 1 ratio, and secondly, do not give canned food every day.

Super premium food: details

The composition is developed by biologists and veterinarians, collecting a "mosaic" of food so that each of its "puzzle" is not only absorbed as much as possible, but also be useful. The manufacturer’s goal is to create a product with a high concentration of animal proteins and a small dose of vegetable protein. Animal protein supplies the body with amino acids that the latter is not capable of producing itself. It:

  • arginine;
  • taurine;
  • methionine.

These amino acids in the vegetable protein are either absent or are found in insignificant amounts. Products of economy and premium classes are saturated with vegetable proteins: there are a lot of cereals and a little meat.

Super premium class (unlike low-grade feed) almost half (40% -60%) consists of meat. The priority is poultry meat. Usually it is chicken, turkey, duck and chicken, complemented by rabbit, beef, lamb and fish (sea and freshwater).

It is interesting!The more of these components, the richer the food and its easier digestibility, which is considered the basic criterion that speaks about the quality of the feed. It must meet the natural needs of the dog as a carnivore creature whose gastrointestinal tract copes well with animal proteins, but does not digest plants.

It is not surprising that crops (including soy and corn) leave the dog’s intestines almost untreated, without any benefit. Products without cereals (as indicated by the special labeling) are produced by almost all companies producing super premium food. And since meat is more expensive than beans and grains, the price of such a product initially cannot be low.

Feed Rating Super Premium Segment

In the list compiled by independent veterinarians and journalists, the products of the declared class were distributed as follows (in descending order of their value for the canine organism):

  • Orientjen
  • Applaws
  • Acana
  • Go!
  • Grandorf
  • Wolfsblut
  • Farmina
  • Barking heads
  • Guabi natural
  • Leader balans

Fodder of excellent quality was found in the first three manufacturers: each of them produces not one, but several products addressed to different categories of pets (puppies, adults, allergy sufferers, castrats, sick, elderly, etc.)
Let's look at the composition of the 5 leading brands to understand what criteria guided the experts.


9.6 out of 10 possible points received Orijen Adult Dog. Experts considered that it fully meets the needs of the carnivorous organism - the first 14 components are animal protein (meat or fish). It is important that 9 of them were fresh in the feed without being subjected to preservation or freezing. The company was not too lazy to indicate the percentage of each animal protein. Orijen Adult Dog has no cereals, but lots of fruits, vegetables, and medicinal plants. There are no hazardous substances or obscure components in the feed, prescribed in general terms.


Applaws Adult Large Breed Chicken score is 9.5 points. The food impressed the experts with an abundance of meat: in the first place dry cooked chicken meat was declared (64%), in the second place was minced chicken (10.5%). The total volume of animal protein reaches 74.5%, rounded up to 75% by the manufacturer.

The granules contain bird fat, as well as salmon fat, superior to bird in quality and health. The developers strengthened the composition by adding taurine (amino acid), medicinal plants, vegetables and fruits, minerals and vitamins to the feed. "Applaus Edalt Lige Brid" with chicken is intended for adult dogs of large breeds.


Acana Heritage Light & Fit (for overweight animals) earned 8.6 out of 10 points. 5 meat ingredients (fresh) are involved in this product.

The first three places look like this:

  • 16% - boneless chicken meat (fresh);
  • 14% - chicken meat (dehydrated);
  • 14% - turkey meat (dehydrated).

There are no cereals in the diet, and its basis corresponds to the nutritional interests of carnivores. The composition lists all animal proteins by name. Acana Heritage Light & Fit has a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables, including pumpkin, cabbage, pear and spinach, there are whole blueberries and cranberries, as well as medicinal plants (rose hips, milk thistle, chicory and others).


Product Go! Fit + Free Chicken, Turkey + Trout Record for Dogs, Grain Free All life Stages was awarded 8.2 points.

Experts noted the absence of cereals and the presence of raw meat components as an undoubted advantage of the feed. Latest in Go! Fit + Free Chicken, Turkey is eleven, and 6 of them are in first place in the list of ingredients.

Experts also consider it a good sign that the top five did not include a single source of vegetable proteins.
The experts, however, questioned the advisability of including exotic berries and fruits (papaya and bananas) in dog food, believing that apples and pears would be more appropriate.


Grandorf Lamb & Rice Recipe Adult Maxi deserves, according to experts, 8 out of 10 possible points. Its packaging is marked with a notable 60% High Quality Meat, translatable as 60% High Quality Meat.

The first five ingredients are declared:

  • lamb (dehydrated meat);
  • turkey (dehydrated meat);
  • whole grain rice;
  • fresh lamb meat;
  • Fresh turkey meat.

A significant disadvantage of the product was the company's unwillingness to indicate the percentage of each ingredient. The inscription on the “Single Grain” pack (the only cereal) is true, since there are no other cereals in the feed except rice. Grandorf Maxi contains brewer's yeast and chicory extract, which supply the body with prebiotics. It is gratifying that there are chondroitin and glucosamine (joint supplements) in the feed.

How to distinguish a fake

Try not to buy licensed products: it loses branded products. The food is licensed if its developer is in France and the manufacturer is in Poland.

Buy food not by weight, but in the factory packaging, so as not to get it old or damp. Closely read what is printed in small print: usually all the pitfalls are hidden there.

Do not forget that in a good feed there are no red and green granules, and the protein content ranges from 30 to 50%. And the last - quality dog ​​food cannot be cheap.

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