South Russian Tarantula or Mizgir

There are amazing creatures on the planet that both frighten and delight. For centuries, a terrifying tarantula is one such creature. A spider, the dimensions of which sometimes exceed 3 cm, is mentioned in fairy tales and epics, he was even awarded a special nickname - the people call him misgir, attributing both sharply negative and positive traits.

It is interesting! They say that a South Russian tarantula can pursue its victim for hours if it did not die immediately. Usually this happens if the tarantula has bitten a large "game". He periodically bites the prey and injects poison until it drops dead.

Helping to get rid of blood-sucking insects - flies, mosquitoes and others, the tarantula is able to bite and significantly exceed the size of the victim, not only a mouse or a frog, but even a person. A tarantula bite cannot kill a healthy person, but pain, swelling, and inflammation are guaranteed.

Description of the South Russian tarantula

Araneomorphic spiders, which include the South Russian tarantula, are large, poisonous and beautiful.. Looking at these creations of nature, it is impossible not to be surprised.


The body of the wolf spider consists of two parts: a large abdomen and a smaller cephalothorax. On the cephalothorax are eight attentive peepholes. Four of them are located below and look directly. Above them are two large eyes, and two more - on the sides almost "on the back of the head", providing a view of almost 360 degrees.

The body is covered with small hairs of black-brown hue. The intensity of the color depends on the habitat of the tarantula, it can be very light or almost black. But the South Russian misgir necessarily has a "brand name" - a black speck that is very similar to a skullcap.

The tarantula has four pairs of legs covered with thin hairs. These bristles increase the area of ​​support during movement, they also help to hear the approach of prey.

It is interesting! With the help of supersensitive hairs located on the legs, the tarantula is able to hear human steps for several kilometers.

The powerful stings with which the spiders bite the victim have channels for poison, they are a means of both attack and defense.

In length, males reach 27 mm, females - 30-32. At the same time, the record weight of the mizgir female is up to 90 g. On the abdomen are spider web warts with a thick liquid, which, solidifying in the air, turns into a strong network - a web.

Lifestyle and lifespan

Tarantulas are typical loners and suffer near relatives only in the mating season. Males are quite tolerant of females, and they are constantly at odds with each other.

Each individual lives in its own dwelling, mink up to 50 cm deep. In it, they spend time in the afternoon, from it they monitor the approaching prey, a network for the gaping insects becomes a web, which seals the entrance to the hole. Even hungry, mizgiri rarely go far from the habitat, but generally prefer to catch food from home

Tarantulas are clever hunters. Having noticed prey or the shadow of an insect by the fluctuation of the web, they make a powerful jump, grabbing and biting the victim, injecting poison and depriving them of the ability to resist.

Mizgiri rarely live longer than 3 years. The age of males is shorter than females. In winter, they fall into hibernation, carefully sealing the entrance to the mink with grass and cobwebs. As soon as warm days come, suspended animation stops.

Misgiru's Toxicity

Spider venom kills insects, is able to paralyze a mouse, a frog. A tarantula can cause acute pain to a person, swelling occurs at the site of the bite, inflammation occupies a vast area. Only an allergic reaction is very dangerous, so on trips and excursions to places where tarantulas live, it is best to take antihistamines with you.

Important! Spider blood can reduce the harm from a bite. The wound can be greased with the blood of a dead spider, sprinkled with hot ash, which neutralizes the poison, some cauterize the site of the bite with burning coal.

A tarantula never attacks those who significantly exceed its size; a person is not interesting for him. But if he felt threatened, decided that he was being attacked, he would bite him.

Therefore, do not wander barefoot in the sand near ponds where there are mizgire minks, you should carefully inspect things and the tent before going to bed in order to find the hidden "predator", a resting place in time.

Distribution area

South Russian tarantulas live almost everywhere in central Russia. The arid climate of deserts, semi-deserts, and steppes suits them perfectly, but there should definitely be ponds or groundwater close to the surface.

Tarantulas consider Crimea, Krasnodar Territory, Oryol, Tambov Regions, Astrakhan, Volga Region, and even Bashkiria, Siberia, Transbaikalia quite acceptable for life.

Mizgir mining ration

Shaggy spiders can go without food for quite some time.. But then they actively catch up. They are happy to eat flies, mosquitoes, midges, caterpillars, worms, slugs, bugs, ground beetles, fellow spiders, frogs and mice. Spiders attack the victim, being at a distance of a jump from it, they are selected very carefully, silently and imperceptibly.

In search of food, they even climb into apartment houses, summer cottages.

Breeding and offspring

At the end of summer, mizgiri mate, males lure the female with special movements. The answer is the same movement partner, if she is ready for mating games. They often end tragically, excited females simply kill the misgiri if they do not have time to hide.

The female makes a cocoon from the web, into which, with the onset of spring heat, it lays fertilized and ripened eggs. In the warmth of human habitation, a female tarantula may not hibernate. She is able to lay eggs almost immediately, and then carry the cocoon attached to her abdomen, waiting until the spider babies form.

Feeling stirring, the female helps the children to get out. But for some time she wears offspring attached to her abdomen, helping to get food. One pair can have up to fifty cubs. As soon as the babies become able to survive on their own, the mother begins to tear them off the legs with their paws, scattering them away from their own housing. Young tarantulas build their minks in size, gradually increasing them.

The content of the South Russian tarantula at home

The ability to control oneself, attentiveness, and caution are required from those who decide to have a misgir as a pet. It is very interesting to watch these spiders, they are funny, smart, therefore there are many people who are interested in them.

A terrarium or aquarium with a lid can become the home for a misgir. Ventilation required. The minimum size of the arachnarium is calculated taking into account the size of the paws of the future tenant - the length and width should be more than 3 times. In height, the spider can jump 20 cm, so this also needs to be taken into account.

Important! The number of links affects the life span, and the better the spider eats, the more it molts, because the chitinous “frame” does not allow it to grow. The pet must be kept half starved so that it stays with the owner longer.

The bottom of the arachnarium is covered with soil: sand, turf, coconut fiber, vermiculite or peat. The layer must be at least 30 cm high so that the misgir can make a full-fledged hole.

The pet will love to sunbathe on the snag under the lamp, a small number of plants and constant moisture of the substrate are also useful. In the established drinking bowl he can bathe. Feeding will not be difficult - flies, ground beetles, crickets, cockroaches, mosquitoes, etc. are sold in pet stores, but you can catch them yourself.

Cleaning is carried out 1 time in 2 months, lured with food or a small ball on a string and transplanted into another capacity of the spider. In winter, the spider can hibernate by sealing the entrance to the hole, or simply become less active if the temperature has not changed and remains at a level of 20-30 degrees.

Tarantulas are considered one of the most interesting objects for observation, but do not start them for children.. Despite its size, you can’t call a spider a toy, any careless movement can cause aggression. The hairy handsome teenager and adults will deliver many pleasant moments, entertaining with hunting and home improvement.

Watch the video: Slíďák tatarský. South Russian Tarantula. Lycosa singoriensis (February 2020).

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