Poodle dog. Details about the breed

Description and features of poodles

Poodle one of the most popular dog breeds. The opinion that they are considered female dogs is completely wrong. In fact, the poodle breed is extremely strong, athletic. In addition, among the advantages of dogs - the original appearance and amazing temperament. Poodles are in second place on the level of quick thinking right after the collie.

There is an opinion that the poodle is from France. Now the breed is really considered French, however, the origin of the poodle is associated with northern Europe. Initially, it was a hunting breed, dogs were also trained for diving and other tests.

Mind and quick wit are combined in the abilities of a poodle with friendliness. Thus, the dog will persistently notify the owner of the invasion of the house, but he himself will not rush to the offender.

Poodles are classified into four main types, depending on the size of the dog, among them:

  • poodle that
  • dwarf poodle
  • small and large (royal poodle).

Representatives of this breed also meet with a variety of colors. Considered the most popular white poodleHowever, the recognized colors also include black, brown, silver and others. A striking difference between poodles is the hair of a curly or cord type, which is also the biggest problem.

Poodle price

The cost of a poodle depends on the variety of the breed, as well as the individual qualities of each dog. Poodle Nurseries quite a lot, respectively, choose a dog for yourself is not difficult. You can buy a toy poodle at a price not exceeding the mark of 10 thousand rubles, while this is the least demanding variety of the breed presented.

In the photo is a white poodle

However, the cost may be affected by additional parameters - it all depends on the purpose for which the dog is started. You can buy a dwarf poodle at a higher cost - about 20 thousand rubles.Small poodle will cost about 15 thousand rubles, and buy a poodle puppy the royal type can be for 20-25 thousand.

Poodle at home

Dogs of this breed, including, and poodle puppiesare considered very demanding in relation to their owners. Every day, the pet needs to be given the maximum amount of time and attention. First, the dog needs constant praise and affection.

Poodles love to have fun, and it may seem that they have their own sense of humor, shame and other properties that are not characteristic of animals. At the same time, poodles are able to feel the mood of their owners, they are trying to be friends with both people and other animals.

Toy poodle

This breed is considered "family", that is, ideal for families with children. Meanwhile, the child is the weak point of every poodle. The dog happily joins every child’s fun, is able not to leave the child for a minute, having fun, communicating and playing.

Secondly, poodles have a natural need for active pastime. Regardless of the variety, dogs need regular exercise. Both the large and small poodle are required to walk and train daily.

A pet cannot be left alone for long. The joy of a poodle is replaced by despondency if he is left alone at home. Often, in a fit of sadness, dogs gnaw at things. If the poodle lost sight of the owner during the walk, he immediately rushes in search.

Poodle breed is so interesting and extraordinary that dogs often act as the main characters of literary works and cinema. So, the poodle Kuprin is very famous - one of the characters in the famous story. Surely Kuprin "White Poodle" has become one of the reasons for the popularization of dogs of this breed, especially light color.

Poodle Care

Just at one glance at poodle photo it becomes clear that wool acts as the main source of problems. White poodles require intensive hair care, while dogs of darker shades are more practical. Wool should be combed regularly, and if necessary, trimmed.

It is worth noting that specifically for the exhibition or show is done poodle haircut, and the more interesting and elegant it is, the better. Meanwhile, poodles never fade, which can be called a significant advantage of the breed.

In the photo, a poodle haircut option

Bathing is a mandatory hygienic procedure, which should be carried out every 2-3 weeks, or if necessary. Bathing helps maintain the perfect condition of the coat. For the rest poodle dog not particularly whimsical.

Created as hunting dogs many years ago, they acquired good health and immunity to common diseases of thoroughbred pets. Naturally, you need to take care of the proper nutrition of poodles and do not forget about simple procedures for cleaning the eyes, ears and oral cavity.

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