Hypoallergenic cat breeds. Description, names, features and photos of cats

Cats have firmly entered the life of man since time immemorial. According to some reports, about 200 million domestic representatives of this tribe live on our planet. Only in Russia they are kept in every third family. But, according to studies, cats are most loved in the United States, where in the house they can often find not only one shelter, but several, even more - a huge number of cats and cats.

In Europe, many pussies are cherished by their patrons in countries such as Germany, England, Italy, France. Some appreciate them as pets, others consider them a fashion accessory. Cats are loved even in China, despite the outrageous tradition of eating them, because in some provinces of this state the meat of such animals is recognized as a delicacy.

That's just a pity that these pets often cause allergies in their owners. And there are many susceptible to such a disease, according to statistics, about 15%. And every third of them has a cat in the house, and many would like to have it. What to do? Contain hypoallergenic cat breeds, that is, those that are least likely to cause owners an undesirable reaction. Our task is to describe such pussies.

Hairless cats

Some believe that it is cat hair that causes allergies. Although this is not so, or rather, not quite so. The cause of the painful reaction is protein proteins and other organic compounds secreted by the saliva and skin of our wonderful tailed purr.

They enter human organisms not only in contact with pets. Small and large particles of them scatter and spread in different directions around the house, falling on the floor, walls, furniture, which harm the inhabitants of the home. Particularly harmless are dandruff and bowel movements of such pets.

However, harmful allergens are concentrated on feline fur all the same. The main fault is primarily dandruff, as well as the picky cleanliness of these animals. They carefully lick their fur many times a day, leave their saliva in abundance on it, and therefore provocative substances.

And the hairs during shedding are scattered after in a variety of different places. This is why cats without fur actually do the least harm to allergy sufferers. Although, as we will understand later, not everything is so simple and there are exceptions. We will consider some of those naked pussies that are considered the most harmless.

Canadian Sphinx

Listing names of hypoallergenic catsFirst of all, let’s imagine this one. After all, such an original pussy, even among its bald girlfriends, according to studies, turned out to be the safest because of its biological characteristics.

This breed is not ancient, because its first representative and ancestor was born only a little more than half a century ago in Canada. The main difference between the kitten, who was given the name Prun, from all his brothers and sisters from the litter was that he turned out to be completely naked. But his body was covered with stunning original skin folds.

In general, he was like an ancient sphinx, and that is why he liked it. Modern Canadian wonder cats have an interesting, wedge-shaped, tapering to the muzzle, head with a rounded back; prominent cheekbones, powerful jaws; a tail that looks like a bent whip, sometimes ending with a tassel, like a lion's.

The wool of such a breed in some cases pecks only in the form of a light gun. Such cats are smart, reasonable, loving, loyal to the owners and show tolerance to all other pets.

Don Sphinx

But the Canadian cats described above are not the only hairless cats in the world. A special appearance usually lays its mark on their behavior. They are unlike the rest of the feline, and even do not seem to consider themselves cats. And behave accordingly.

An example of this is the Don Sphinx. If the majority of the purr from the cat tribe behave independently, these bald pussies, nicknamed "kissed", are constantly striving to reward their owners with caresses, which are even obsessive. They usually do not show jealousy and self-will, but at the same time they are quite touchy and sensitive to injustice. Still such creatures are extremely mobile.

Don cats have a strong body, a wide croup. All parts of their bodies, from the ears to the paws, seem elongated. They also look like Egyptian sphinxes. But the breed itself was not born in Africa and not in antiquity, but in Rostov-on-Don a little more than thirty years ago.

Its ancestor was a homeless cat Barbara, picked up on the street. Perhaps she was thrown out of the house for an unusual appearance, not knowing that the descendants of the bald pussy would soon become representatives of a new rare and original breed.

It is impossible not to add that in addition to the fact that Don hairless cats are hypoallergenic, they, in contact with the owners, are able to relieve them of nervous and motor ailments, as well as relieve headaches.


The breed of such cats, whose representatives were awarded the nickname "Bald Peter", originated in St. Petersburg. Perhaps that is why these pussies are distinguished by intelligence. The genus of such cats originates from the German mother and father - the Don Sphinx.

It was from this pair that a kitten named Nocturne was born, it then became the founder of the St. Petersburg sphinxes, the breed of which was officially recognized only at the very end of the last century.

Such cats have a small, narrow head, gracefully set on a long neck; wide big ears, diverging in different directions; beautiful almond-shaped eyes; slender high legs; a long tail.

In movements and poses, such creatures are elegant, but by nature they are not conflicting and intelligent, and besides, they are hypoallergenic. Although you should always remember that the prefix "hypo" means only "less than usual." That means that no one can give any firm guarantees of complete safety to the owners of cats even of such breeds. They are just less than usual cause allergies.

Cats Shorthair and Fluffy

The fact that hairless cats may be the preferred pets for allergy sufferers does not mean at all that they do not exist. breeds of cats with hypoallergenic hair. Some argue that purples with a white color are safer in this sense than dark ones.

Although research and statistics do not always confirm such assumptions. But nevertheless, such breeds are known that are more suitable for allergy sufferers than all others. We will consider them further.

By the way, all of the above about the causes of allergies to cats, gives the right to argue that if these pets are bathed more often, the likelihood that they will cause a painful reaction in their owners is significantly reduced. After all, harmful provocative proteins are washed off and disappear along with dirty water in the drain hole of sinks and bathtubs.

Cornish Rex

Pussies of this breed have wool, and unusual. It is short, covered with waves similar to astrakhan fur. The reason for the appearance of such cats was a random mutation. The first such kitten was born in England in 1950. The newly minted breed was noticed, they began to develop.

And the descendants of Kallibunker (the so-called astrakhan kitten) after a while came to America at a prestigious exhibition, where everyone liked the Cornish Rex so much that soon the breed turned out to be unusually popular.

These cats are graceful; They have large ears, beautiful eyes that always harmonize with the shades and patterns of their extraordinary fur. In addition to wavy hair, such creatures also boast curly long eyebrows and a mustache. They are small in size, in color they are very different. Although they are English, they are not stiff, but they are diplomatic, and they are also mobile and playful.

Devon rex

All Rex is distinguished by a wavy soft coat. And Devon Rex is no exception. The fur covering the main parts of the body of the ticks of the pussy is short, but slightly longer on the hips, sides, back and muzzle. The standards of this breed do not indicate exactly what the color of its representatives should be, so the color of their coat can be any. This does not affect purebred.

Like previous rexes, this is also an English breed that originated on the planet in the second half of the last century. Her ancestor was Kirlie's kitten. In many ways, its representatives are similar to Cornish Rex, but they also have many differences. They adore their masters, and their devotion is more like a dog.


This is a very young breed of shorthair cats, bred less than a decade ago. Their direct ancestor was the naked sphinx, that is, not Egyptian, of course. And therefore their fur coats cannot be called luxurious, and even they do not have undercoat. But it’s good for people with allergies. Hypoallergenic Cat Breeds replenished their ranks with the appearance of these peculiar pussy faces.

They are called "catworms." And there are reasons for this. Breeders initially wanted a completely different breed. A kitten with bald patches and a very strange appearance appeared to the world, moreover, it did not inherit the desirable signs of its ancestral ancestors.

So an unexpected natural mutation manifested itself. But, having carefully looked, such kittens were recognized as very exotic and unique. And when communicating with them, it soon became clear that they were not like frightening werewolves, because they turned out to be flexible and friendly.

Balinese cat

This cat is a descendant of Siamese pussies, and looks like her ancestors, only her hair is a little more authentic. But it is valuable for allergy sufferers that her hair is not at all thick and almost does not shed. The silhouettes of the representatives of the breed are distinguished by the smoothness of the lines, and their gait is an example of grace, although the sizes of such pussies are small.

They move like Balinese dancers, for which they got their name. Athletic build; big ears; almond-shaped eyes; slender legs; neat oval paws; long beautiful tail make the appearance of this pussy charming.

By nature, the Balinese are sociable and so need the attention of their patrons that they literally follow them. The liveliness of these creatures, their touching affection for people, sociability and friendliness evokes sympathy. Such pets perfectly complement the microclimate of large families. They are kind to children and loving to other pets living with them in the same territory.


The smooth coat of such a short-haired pussy does not fade and does not have undercoat. Her appearance is original and charming, because it resembles a miniature cute leopard. Actually, this breed was thought of as such, when in America in the 80s of the last century, breeders for mating picked up the most ordinary Siamese cat for a very unusual gentleman.

It was a wild serval - a small-sized predator from the cat family. As a result, a small leopard appeared, which was soon called Savannah. It happened in 1986. But only at the beginning of our century, such a breed after preliminary development received official recognition.

Such cats are very large. In special cases, they are able to have meter growth, but on average they are not higher than 55 cm. However, which pleases, their character is not predatory at all. They are friendly, loyal, but still quite independent. When they intend to express their protest, they hiss and growl like a snake.

Siberian cat

It is assumed that the less hair a cat has, the better it is for allergy-prone hosts. It happens that happens just like that. But there are exceptions. And just Siberian cats serve as an example of this. Their fur is very fluffy.

And it is not surprising, because they are Siberian, and therefore their fur coat should correspond to the climate of their historical homeland. But at the same time, they are hypoallergenic. This proves that not all stereotypes fit into the generally accepted scheme.

This is a purely Russian pussy, and very large. Legends say that no one even bred such a breed. And the ancestors of the Siberians became wild cats that live in the taiga and managed to survive in very harsh conditions.

Therefore, one should not be surprised that the descendants of these animals have good health. They are skilled hunters for mice and even larger animals. In addition, fearless, very smart, like height, independent, but affectionate.

And it is also very important that Siberians are noted by experts as hypoallergenic cat breed for children. Their calm disposition, full of self-control and selfless devotion is able to influence the child in the best way. Such pets are not inclined to scratch or bite, and therefore from the games with them the small owners will not suffer harm, there will only be benefit.


This cat's fur is not as furry and fluffy as that of Siberians. It is understandable, because her ancestors did not have to survive in the taiga. But the fur of such pussies is shiny, luxurious and delights with indescribable shades. This breed was recently bred by breeders from North America. But her pedigree is rooted in the east, because the breed is classified as oriental, that is, to the eastern type.

On the small head of the javanese, ears sticking out in different directions stand out, which seem huge in comparison with the size of the head, from which the long neck departs. Their body is not very large, but slim and long, with a developed skeleton, covered with elastic muscles. Paws and tail are long and thin. These are athletic and dexterous cats, which can hardly stand loneliness and are extremely attached to their owner. They are very jealous of feline rivals living in the house.

Oriental cat

The ancestral home of this type of pussy is Thailand. But a couple of centuries ago they came to Europe. The elongated body of these animals is of medium size and is distinguished by its special beauty, sophistication and static, but at the same time endowed with developed muscles.

Orientale legs are slender, neat, rounded paws; the long tail is thin enough; the coat can be long or short, its color is the most diverse: chocolate, blue, purple, beige, red and so on, but the eyes must be green. These are energetic cats, very proud, aware of their own greatness somewhere inside themselves, and therefore are in dire need of the attention and admiration of others.

Allergy Measures

Let's look again photo of hypoallergenic cats, but also remember that they are only slightly allergenic, but not completely safe. For cats that are guaranteed to protect their owners from an undesirable reaction to themselves do not exist in nature.

Even bald cats are far from always innocent and pure in this matter. Moreover, some varieties of naked pussies, according to experts, are prone to intensive release of an allergen protein into the surrounding space. It causes sneezing, coughing, tearing, persistent itching and other symptoms.

There is a whole list of breeds at risk. No, of course, such cats can be very cute and beautiful in everything, but not for people who are prone to a negative reaction to provocative substances. For example, to hypoallergenic breed abyssinian cat certainly can not be attributed.

Such pussies are even accused of an increased ability to cause allergies, although no one has scientifically proven this yet. Maine Coons, Scottish, British, Angora and Persian cats were also considered undesirable. It is also believed that females are more harmless, and especially strongly affect allergic cats, adult cats.

That is why people who are unhealthy, although it is very unfortunate, but in all respects it is better to sterilize their pets. And yet, the key to health is, of course, cleanliness. And therefore, owners of pussies need not only to bathe their pets, but also to wash the floors and walls of the house, and clean cat trays in time.

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