Japanese Spitz dog. Description, features, care and maintenance of the breed

An aristocratic little white dog is bred in Japan as a companion for the family. The breed standard was adopted in 1948. 1964 - recognized by the International Cynological Federation, 1977 - by the English Club of Dog Breeders.

Japanese Spitz German Spitz was bred from dogs, plus Samoyed or Siberian huskies, because of this the American Association of Dog Breeders forbade them to be included in the breed register, citing similarities with the American Eskimo dog. It belongs to the group of northern sled dogs and primitive Spitz. The Japanese call them Nihon Supitsu.

Description and Features

Tribal feature Japanese Spitz is laconic, meek character. If the dog barks a lot, then it is not purebred.

Japanese Spitz dog excellent companion - gets along well with children, gets along well with old people. Her constant smile, cheerful, flexible disposition attracts attention. For the owner will be a mountain, perfectly coping with the role of a guard. The dog is cheerful, courageous, remains active all his life, until old age.

Get along well with cats or other pets. Not suitable for hunting, a very weak field instinct. Incredible devotion: they are very affectionate, they miss their master, and they are difficult to endure separation.

They are distinguished by high cleanliness, avoiding dirt, therefore they are suitable for keeping in an apartment or house. Despite the classification, japanese dwarf spitz not very tiny:

  • The size of the adult male Japanese at the withers - 40 cm;
  • The standard height of the female is 35 cm;
  • The average weight of the boy is 10 kg;
  • The mass of the girl is 7 kg.

Standard appearance indicators:

  • Sharp muzzle with black lips and nose;
  • Triangular, upright ears;
  • Almond-shaped, black eyes;
  • Scissor bite, densely set teeth;
  • Strong muscular body;
  • The shoulders are broad, with a flat back;
  • The joints of the limbs are flexible, the claws and pads on the paws are black;
  • A high-set tail is thrown back, but without a ringlet.

The main indicator is the wealth of the breed - luxurious white wool, peach or fawn shades are not allowed by the standard. There should be no spots on the color, only an even white color. The coat is thick, the downs are soft, plentiful; A lush framing collar. On the muzzle and forelegs, the hairline is slightly shorter.

Care and maintenance

Dogs are not suitable for keeping in an aviary or kennel, their habitat is the home of man. Despite the whiteness, hair care is uncomplicated; the awn has dirt-repellent properties. The coat dries, and when shaken, it is freed from contamination.

Bathe your pet once a month. When bathing, use special mild shampoos. Make sure that there is no skin irritation from the detergent, in which case the shampoo should be replaced with a more suitable one.

Clean your ears regularly by checking for ticks or other parasites. Shorten the claws by cutting carefully, taking care not to damage the blood vessels. Wipe the eyes - sometimes Spitz suffer from eye diseases, they are very sensitive to bright light.

Puppy care must be taught from an early age, otherwise they will act up or resist.

Regular anthelmintic, anti-parasitic measures are included in the list of pet care. It is recommended to regularly be vaccinated, if necessary, visit a veterinarian, especially monitor the condition of the eyes, without leading to loss of vision.

This is a very playful dog, so regular active walks twice a day for half an hour or more are required. In the air, he likes to frolic well, but upon entering the house he becomes sweet and quiet. Houses for him should also be toys.

Animal hair has no characteristic odor for dogs. Shedding, like all breeds, during hair loss it is necessary to comb out the downs properly. If you start the processing of wool, then tangles may stray, and dermatitis will appear on the skin.

For combing, a pooderka is used. Comb a doggie once every three days, during molting daily. Haircut Japanese Spitz do not recommend, even exhibition items.


In order for the puppy to grow up healthy, joyful, a rational approach to the selection of food should be taken. For full puppy growth, the diet should be varied. Inadequate nutrition during growth will not allow the animal to form properly, the dog may be weak, painful.

A puppy should be trained to eat in one place from a bowl. It is unacceptable to beg for food from the owner during lunch, especially since eating from the same dish with the owner is bad for the results of training.

Feed white japanese spitz good meat offal:

  • Chicken wings, necks;
  • Pork ears;
  • Ventricles and hearts of chicken;
  • The liver;

Give them 25 g for every kilogram of doggie weight. In addition, add to the menu:

  • Boiled sea fish, twice a week, for proper skeleton formation;
  • A variety of vegetables - contain fiber;
  • Kefir or whey - for proper digestion;
  • Cottage cheese - for the growth of bones and teeth;
  • Oat or buckwheat porridge - enhance the growth of the baby;
  • Chicken or quail eggs, one or two per week.

Some owners prefer to give dry food, for this you need to consult a veterinarian and get the necessary recommendations. A food containing vitamins and mineral supplements allows the dog to develop well. Inadequate feeding affects the appearance of the puppy, he will be sluggish, unhappy.

The daily norm of feeding an adult dog is two times, four puppies, until complete adulthood. Snacks between meals are undesirable, disrupting digestion, they still destroy discipline.


The average age of the Japanese is 10 years, but there is information about dogs who have lived to 16 years, which indicates the longevity of the breed.

Reproduction and longevity

Mating according to the rules of dog breeders is allowed when the male reaches one and a half years. A female bitch is two, two and a half years old. If you start earlier, unripe individuals will bring weak offspring, undermining their health. Before mating, carry out all the necessary vaccinations (a month before the meeting), the prevention of worms, check for the presence of woolly parasites.

Before a date, the owners of handsome white men carefully study the pedigree. They take into account why dogs are bred - for exhibitions they choose parents with excellent performance, medalists; for home content - as a companion - the requirements are simpler.

The owner of the bitch agrees with the owner of the dog for payment. It can be money, but usually they take one or two puppies from the litter. The frequency of estrus is determined in advance: in girls, it is twice a year for a duration of 21 days.

Irregular female estruses are a reason to see a veterinarian. Ovulation occurs 11-13 days after the start, the loop of the female swells. The bitch becomes lethargic, if you touch your back - throws the tail aside.

At the beginning of estrus, the owner of the dog is informed of the estimated date of mating. According to the rules of the clubs, the bitch is taken to the dog, it will be easier for him to take care of the girl in the usual conditions. A meeting at the lady’s house provokes the escape of a gentleman for additional meetings with his beloved.

The room where the rendezvous is planned is small, a rough rug is placed on the floor so that the paws do not slip. The boy, who already had a date, gets used to the rug, immediately sits on it waiting for a meeting with the lady.

Give lovers some time to get used to each other. There are manual or free mating. Free means an independent meeting with an unknown result. In addition, such a rendezvous may drag on or the girl will be obstinate, not letting the gentleman.

Some dog breeder communities do not allow dogs to help during mating, believing that free behavior is more profitable to obtain fully behavioral animals.

During a meeting, sometimes the help of the owners is needed. Manual mating is carried out, giving the dogs a small room. The male dog is helped to stand on the bitch (to make a cage), manually guiding the bulb into the loop. The female can dodge very much, try to bite her partner, she is held by the collar and under the abdomen.

The resulting lock cannot be removed, damage can be very serious. The boy is helped to turn around, holding the dogs for about half an hour, not letting them lie down until an ejaculation occurs. After a couple of days, repeat the knitting to fix the result.

After fertilization, take care of the bitch, walk on a leash, not letting other gentlemen come to her. Re-mating may dilute droppings with unwanted individuals. The litter will be without registration and pedigree.

It should be borne in mind that now you are waiting for the care of a pregnant female, which provides for additional care, childbirth and raising offspring. The expectant mother should be intensively fed, diseases should be avoided, and childbirth should be taken using the services of a veterinarian. The costs of the veterinarian, paperwork fall on the shoulders of the owner.


Japanese Spitz Nursery only breeds dogs. He takes care of all the costs of primary vaccination, paperwork, and genealogy. Japanese Spitz Puppies taught to communicate with people.Price Japanese Spitz ranges from 500 to 2000 dollars. Exhibition copies are the most expensive, the price for pets for home maintenance is slightly lower.


Parenting consists of two stages:

  • Training the puppy to order;
  • Training of an adult.

Before the puppy arrives, you should remove everything that is beating and stitching, close the wires, otherwise he will certainly bite them. The puppy does not understand the values ​​of objects, so everything that is expensive or important should not be available to him.

To accustom is only from a bowl, from the hand to give incentive prizes for proper behavior. Place the litter next to the bed, where you sleep yourself, gradually moving it to a permanent place. The puppy will immediately worry alone, then get used to it. The bed belongs to the owner!

To develop friendships, often play with toys. Do not scream, even if caught in leprosy. It should be distracted by showing the right action. Do not hit the puppy, pain gives rise to fear, trusting relationships will become impossible.

Doggie should know who the owner of the house is, try to let him know this. Having achieved success with the puppy, we proceed to training adult japanese spitz.

It consists of two stages:

  • Teach obedience;
  • Force to execute commands.

Obedience is the behavior of a dog that excludes running through flower beds, mandrels on garden paths, and biting forbidden objects. It is achieved by the use of rewards, for example, a tasty treat, an extra walk. Training teaches you to execute commands: "sit," "lie," "not."

Spitz is very energetic, so training is very important for these dogs

The execution of commands by the dog is achieved by constant training. You can not train him for more than an hour, otherwise he loses interest. Encourage a four-legged friend with small tasty pieces for each correctly performed action.

If a person has established friendships with a dog, simple praise is enough. Attentive and loving owner will certainly succeed!

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