Siamese cat. Description, features, types, nature, care and price of the Siamese breed

Description and Features

In the southeastern part of Asia, the ancient state of Thailand, formerly called Siam, is located. From there comes an amazing creature - Siamese cat. In ancient times, in those distant lands, it was endowed with a special status, was considered sacred and lived only in the palaces of rulers, temples and families of the high priests.

The body of such short-haired pussy still surprises with its ideal proportions and graceful perfection of lines. They are admired by their high intellect, and the proud character of graceful creatures and love of freedom do not prevent them from showing affectionate love and open affection for the master.

Describing the characteristic external features of the breed, it should be mentioned:

  • flexible, long, thin body;
  • wedge-shaped head forward;
  • large erect ears, downward wide and tapering from above to pointed tips;
  • located geometrically perfectly, in the form of a regular triangle, the tops of the ears and nose;
  • slanting eyes of siamese cats with an iris of an unforgettable, bright bluish-blue or turquoise hue;
  • graceful long legs with neat pads;
  • thin, whip-like tail with a sharp end.

Most often, such pussies are born in color completely white. But over time, their short, tight-fitting body and emphasizing its amazingly flexible shape, the coat changes its colors somewhat. In the classical version, it remains mostly white, while it darkens on the muzzle and in the ear region, the color on the legs undergoes changes in the same way, which is especially noticeable in their lower part, and the tail is covered with almost completely black hair.

Saturated blue eyes are the brightest hallmark of a Siamese cat

A similar contrasting (point) color, more precisely called color point, appears in cats ever brighter after six months. But as the pussies grow older, it changes again, because earlier the white parts of the body also begin to gradually darken.

Representatives of the Siamese breed are small in size, females usually do not weigh more than 4 kg. And cats, although certainly larger than cats, almost never gain more than 7 kg. On average, males have indicators of about 5 kg.

The special craving of these pussies for voice communication with others is interesting. They meow loudly, moreover, they are able to uniquely change the pitch of the voice and its tonality. All this resembles a conversation. Similarly, extremely smart cats often try to express their feelings and convey their demands to the owners.


Color features and structural details are well demonstrated. pictured siamese cat. Moreover, it should be remembered that there are many color options. And the differences are mainly in the shades of points, that is, in the prominent areas of intense color.

A common point is considered to be a force point with a dark brown, almost black hue, and for purebred Siamese beauties, blue, lilac, chocolate, and in some cases other shades of points are often inherent.

Now consider modern varieties descended from ancient, truly Siamese cats. And there are enough of them, and some of them, previously attributable to the described breed, have recently acquired the status of independent.

  • Balinese (Balinese cat) is one of the varieties of such pussies that appeared in the United States around the 30s of the last century and officially recognized in 1963. A characteristic feature of its representatives is semi-long wool, in contrast to the classic short. This fur is silky, thin. He, like most other Siamese beauties, does not have an undercoat. The longest hair is on the tail, but to the head it becomes shorter. The rest of the character and color of such cats do not differ from the classic Siamese.

  • Burmese (Burmese cat) - a breed that originated from the cross of a Siamese cat with a chocolate cat brought from Burma, recognized in 1936. The fur of such pussies is soft, thick, short. Distinctive features of burmese from classic Siamese relatives are: less elegant, but very athletic, muscular body; more rounded head; golden, expressive, changing hue from the degree of illumination, eyes; large chin; developed neck; strong paws; fluffy tail. The unique coat colors of these cats are famous for their unique beauty. Among them: platinum, chocolate, sable, cream, tortie and others.

  • The Himalayan variety originated from two breeds: Siamese and Persian. It is deduced, which is curious, simultaneously in two countries: the USA and England. A recognized fluffy siamese cat in the middle of the last century. The fur of such pussies is really not at all short, but long and shaggy, having a good undercoat. But what has been preserved from Siamese ancestors is amazing bright blue eyes and point contrasting color.

  • Yavanese (Javanese cat) is a relatively young species bred in North America relative to others. Such cats are close relatives of Balineses. Their wool is also of medium length, but the main difference from relatives is the color. At the Javanese people, not only the points became more diverse, but other, completely unusual and original colors appeared, pleasing with new shades. Such cats are oriental. There is also a short-haired variety of Siamese from the same group, only this is no longer a javanese. Such orientals are decorated with their satin, shiny short fur.

  • Thai siamese cat - The oldest of all varieties, now isolated in an independent breed. Moreover, such cats are called Old Siamese. This alone is already suggestive: it is still unknown who is descended from whom. But what is more important here is that Thai beauties are very similar, judging by ancient descriptions, with the Siamese of the past centuries. They are more powerful, less graceful, their head is round, their ears are noticeably different in shape.

Breed history

The exact time of the birth of the Siamese breed is impossible to establish due to its antiquity. It is only known that references to its remarkable representatives are found in ancient manuscripts during the heyday of the Kingdom of Ayutthaya, which existed on the territory of modern Thailand during the Middle Ages.

Such records were kept for a long time in one of the most famous Buddhist temples. On the leaves of the bark of a mulberry tree, ancient monks wrote about remarkably beautiful white kittens with black ears, a muzzle, a tail and paws, as sacred creatures that bring good luck.

These cats were considered so valuable that their removal outside the state was punishable by death, and not everyone could have them in their house. Perhaps that is why the European world was only able to learn about the Siamese at the end of the 19th century, after the English ambassador received a wonderful pair of Asian miracle creatures as a gift from the eastern ruler.

By the way, I liked it in London Siamese cat breed far not immediately and not to everyone. Some experts and journalists after the first public exhibition, established in 1872, even considered these cute cats extremely ugly. Apparently, they just turned out to be very different from the usual European cats.

But then the Siamese were discerned and loved. And they received well-deserved recognition at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. Around the same time, Asian pussies began to spread in the New World. Over the past century, Siamese cats have become the favorite pets of presidents, famous musicians, writers and actors.


Since ancient times, at home, Siamese cats have been entrusted with honorable duties of peace keepers of houses of dignitaries and temples. And this is no coincidence, because these miracle animals are extremely smart, and in terms of intelligence surpass many of their relatives. The modern owner of such pets has every opportunity to instill in them the desired behavioral skills, even to train them, as they can be easily trained, they understand and master everything perfectly.

Cats from Siam quickly become accustomed to order, and also perfectly find a common language with the inhabitants of the house of any age, get along with children, do not show aggression and do not tend to scratch and bite without reason.


Many Siamese teams and tricks perform no worse than trained dogs. But still, like the rest of the cats, they are largely on their minds, they feel their influence on the owner and try to use it for their own purposes. And to convey their moods and demands to the two-footed patrons, their wonderful, multifaceted, by the number of transmitted colors, strong voice helps them.

It should be remembered that despite the generally complaisant disposition, it is quite possible to encounter the vengefulness, selfishness and vindictiveness of such pets. This is manifested Siamese cat character. Still in their nature skillful catching mice. But they cannot stand dogs and treat them with arrogant contempt.


Without a doubt, the quality of feeding greatly affects the health of the pussy and its life expectancy. And it seems that the diet of the Siamese is no different from the menu of other representatives of the feline tribe. However, these unique creatures often show their moods in food, are picky and appreciate the quality of the served dishes, like real gourmets. Therefore, the owners have to find an individual approach to them, taking into account the tastes of such pets and showing patience.

The main required products include:

  • lean meat, boiled and cut into small pieces;
  • from offal, domestic pets may like the udder, lungs, heart, liver;
  • fish is a product highly loved by Siamese, but only it should be served without abuse, no more than twice a week;
  • boiled yolk full of vitamins can be very useful;
  • cereals from various cereals are not always well accepted, but still introduced into the diet for a variety of menus;
  • greens and vegetables are important, but in small quantities due to the peculiarities of food Siamese;
  • Dairy products are healthy, but it’s best to give fresh milk only to kittens.

If the fastidious purr stubbornly refuses all this, then they can save ready-made high-quality food of the super-premium class. However, experts do not recommend mixed nutrition, because the stomach of these creatures is very tender, and therefore it is better for him to adapt to some specific type of feeding.

Siamese cat kittens are born completely white

Reproduction and longevity

Breeding such cats in our time is not difficult. It is possible to choose partners enough for your beloved pet, the most important thing is to do it competently taking into account breed standards and their changes, as well as individual indicators of the animal itself. Since a creative approach is necessary in this case, in the absence of sufficient experience it is better to turn to a trustworthy club for recommendations.

For Siamese, when mating, it is also important how far the animals themselves can get along. After all, here a meeting of a pair of partners can not only fail, moreover, communication sometimes takes place with shocks for animals and even often ends in a fight.

And therefore, when pairing, the help of instructors is highly desirable and their advice is needed. For an inexperienced cat, it is better to choose a cat who already had sexual experience. And even in this case, in order for his courtship to become fruitful, sometimes you have to leave the couple in quiet solitude, providing all conditions for the partners, for a period of up to three days.

If the meeting is successful, the cat becomes pregnant during the day, lasting about 65 days. And her signs are a lack of appetite and lethargy. The most suitable period for the female for gestation occurs at the age of a year or a half.

Although estrus can come much earlier, and signs of it become an unpleasant surprise at the age of four months. But little cats are not yet able to become full-fledged mothers, they need to grow up. When a mature, healthy pregnancy occurs, the owners should protect their pet from stress and overfeeding.

Siamese cat kittens often come into the world by a large company, since representatives of this breed are usually prolific. Therefore, the number of cubs, especially if the brood is not the first, can reach up to 13 pieces.

These cats have good health and live relatively long, in most cases - at least ten years. Precedents of longevity are also known when Siamese reached the age of 20 years or more. It is believed that if you castrate a cat, then it extends its life in this world.

Care and maintenance

Cats of this breed are often moody, not only for food, but also for conditions. And the owners need to be serious about the requirements of the pets, because careless treatment with them can lead to unhealthy cute purrs and even their death.

They should sleep in a place without drafts, and small kittens in a cool room need a heating pad. Bowls for water and food should not be located close to the cat's toilet. And one should not forget to remove all poisonous plants from the room, so that the pets, after chewing them, do not get poisoned.

The short coat of the Siamese does not imply any particular concern on the part of the owners. And representatives of the breed with rich fur are combed weekly. But more often this is not necessary, because the hair of these pussies has such a structure that it does not get tangled and it is easy to scratch it.

Bathing of such cats is carried out with foaming high-quality shampoo, and this procedure is necessary only once every six months. Daily brushing of the teeth, as well as eye care, with which moist cotton swabs need to remove purulent discharge, are very important. Ears are cleaned using the same swabs using hydrogen peroxide. Claws are trimmed twice a month. The ailments most often affecting Siamese include heart disease and asthma.

Siamese tabby point cat


Over the past hundred years, the graceful natives of Siam have spread very much around the world, and many varieties of the breed with very different traits have been bred. Therefore, it is often difficult to distinguish purebred cats from Mudbloods. And precisely because of this, you should not purchase Siamese pussies in questionable markets. There is too much likelihood of becoming a victim of fraud manipulations.

To purchase a kitten, you should contact only legal nurseries. But there Siamese cat price it’s usually not cheap. The most affordable wallets for prospective owners may be pet-class pets, which sometimes cost from 3 thousand rubles and slightly higher.

Such kittens are usually taken to the house by people purely for the soul, without the desire to brag about the purity of its breed, to carry a pet to exhibitions, to receive titles and prizes. But the price of a kitten of a higher breeding class already reaches 15 thousand rubles. In this case, impeccable copies of the show class, preparing to become the pride of its owner, are estimated at 25 thousand rubles and above.

Interesting Facts

  • The famous point, betraying the Siamese special originality, color is considered a manifestation of acromelanism. This is a pigmentation caused at the genetic level, acting only on certain parts of the body. This is due to the biological feature of the limbs, ears and tail of living things less supplied with blood, and, therefore, heated. The color of the coat of Siamese depends on the temperature, and therefore, when lowering, its shades become darker.
  • There is an opinion that Siamese are evil, aggressive and painfully vindictive. To some extent this is true. But still, these qualities are not characteristics of a pure breed. And the reason for such rumors spread in Russia was the unsystematic crossbreeding of Siamese cats with outbred cats and inappropriate relatives, which took place at the dawn of their breeding in our country.
  • Often the Siamese tails look at the ends as if broken. Some attribute this to breed characteristics, others to selection imperfections and even genetic abnormalities. However, the ancient inhabitants of Siam had a different opinion. There was a beautiful legend that a certain princess of this country, wanting to swim, was forced to take off her jewelry each time. And so that they remained safe, she trusted them with her beloved cat, stringing treasures on her long tail and tying him into a knot. From that, the descendants of this pussy sometimes have kinks at the ends of their tails.
  • Great Siamese cats - a consequence of albinism. And it turns out that although this is a deviation, it is exceptionally wonderful. But the painful consequence of the lack of melanin is also the eye color of such pussies, because it is also a sign of albinos. A similar congenital disorder also affects feline vision. It is assumed that Siamese do not see objects voluminous, because of this they often suffer from strabismus. It appears from the desire of the cat, straining the eye muscles, to compensate for the shortcomings of his vision.
  • But still, Siamese pussy is very cute. And therefore it is not surprising that they became the favorites of famous actors and actresses such as Faina Ranevskaya, Armen Dzhigarkhanyan, Glenda Farrell, Kim Novak, James Dean, Vivien Leigh, Olivia de Haviland. According to some reports, in the main residence of the American presidents, the so-called Oval Office, in recent years only have found refuge under the tutelage of high-ranking owners of at least three Siamese pussies.

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