Animals close-up: unique photo selection

To get closer to animals, you can not only go to the zoo every day. If you want to see animals in close-up, check out our unique photo gallery.

It contains the most amazing shots of our smaller brothers. Birds, cougars, cats, dogs, insects and spiders are all ready to get to know you as close as possible. Are you ready?

We present to your attention the inhabitants of our terrestrial fauna in all their glory.

Burenka wants to get to know each other better.Giraffe close-up.Puma climbed into a birch grove.A bottomless pool of owl eyes.Do you recognize? This is a close-up fly.Closer to amphibians: get to know the lizard.The toucan shows its main attraction - the beak.Not expecting to become a participant in the photo shoot, the cat decided to drink some water.A cute dog sticks his nose into the camera: curiosity or desire to make friends?Hornet in all its glory.Who is looking at whom? The keen eye of a parrot.Meet the chicken!Pink "piglet" wants to make friends."Selfies" from the spider: in the animal world there are also advanced residents!“Mom! They are shooting us! ”Curious horse.Not a trifle will escape from these eyes.

Photos taken from the Internet.

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