Kuroed - a snake hunting poultry

Kuroyedom is called a non-poisonous snake belonging to the family of the indifferent.

These reptiles live in Trinidad, Costa Rica, Panama, Tobago and other countries of North America. Black one-color kuroyedy are found only in Tobago and Trinidad.

Kuroyed (Spilotes pullatus).

Kuroed is a large snake whose body length can reach up to 3 meters. The body color of the kuroyed is yellow; bright yellow stripes pass along the body.

In front of the body there are yellow spots and stripes. Also, individuals can have a solid black color. The color of young animals is bright: yellow and black stripes alternate

The habitat is tropical rainforests, swamps, mangroves, shrubs. Often kuroyedov can be found near ponds.
Kuroyedy live in trees. But snakes are forced to descend to earth to feed.

Kuroyed lifestyle

Kuroyedi are mainly tree snakes, they settle on low trees. Sometimes it sinks to the ground. These snakes love to swim.

The diet of kuroedov consists of birds, lizards, bird eggs of small mammals, amphibians, bats and squirrels. These snakes can attack domestic chickens, hence the name came from.

Kuroyed strangle the victim with rings, they can also crush prey to the ground or eat it alive. These snakes were found even in caves where they hunted bats.

Kuroed is an incredibly agile, fast and cunning snake.
Kuroyedi lead mainly daily life. They can often be found on coffee and cocoa plantations or on the sides of forest roads basking in the sun.

In 1984, the kuroed mated with Pseustes poecilonotus polylepis, so interspecific crossbreeding is characteristic of these snakes.

Danger of kuroyedov snakes for people

If the kuroed is irritated, he makes the neck flatter, begins to vibrate with his tail, and performs deceptive maneuvers so as not to be cornered. When caught, these snakes bite fiercely. In 1977, Greenhall described kuroedov as a potentially dangerous snake, because they are aggressive.

Kuroyedy is very often found near ponds.

There are persistent rumors among local residents that kuroedy can pursue a person, such stories can often be heard from the mouth of frightened hunters. Perhaps the truth lies in the fact that kuroedy exhibit territorial behavior, so they move around their feed area and try to drive strangers out of its territory. But if a person wants to catch a snake, she immediately intends to hide.

Enemies of Kuroyedov

These snakes can be attacked by the ticks Eutrombicula alfreddugesi alfreddugesi and the spores of Haemogregarina.


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