Loach - fish without scales

Loach - a fish belonging to the salmon family, but different from its counterparts is characterized by small scales. If you take the loach in your hands, it seems that he is naked, without scales, so he got that name. In the Magadan and Kamchatka regions there are about 10 varieties of char, which differ in color, and this difference is most noticeable in the mating season.


Domain: Eukaryotes Kingdom: Animals Subdomain: Eumetazoi Without rank: Two-sided symmetrical Without rank: Second type: Chordate Subtype: Vertebrate Infratype: Maxillary Group: Fish Group: Bone fish Class: Beaked feathers Subclass: Newfin fish Infraclasses: Bony bones: Protostacia: Bony Order: Pike-like Family: Pike-genus Genus: Pike Species: Pike The sharp-toothed predator - the pike has been familiar to almost everyone since childhood, you just have to remember the fairy tale about Emelya.

House lizards

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Dwarf rabbit Hermelin

Hermelin (Germlin) - a miniature or dwarf rabbit, which is also well known as the Polish rabbit. This variety is very popular and perfectly adapted for cell maintenance in captivity. Description of hermeline The origin of hermeline has not yet been established for certain.

Yellow-bellied snake, aka Caspian

Yellow-bellied snake is a genus of snakes belonging to the family of slender snakes. On the territory of Russia there are 5 species of yellow-bellied snakes. These snakes crawl quickly, they have graceful bodies with relatively long tails. The head of the yellow-bellied snake is clearly limited from the body. He has large eyes with round pupils.

Skinks (Scincidae)

Behind the general name "skinks" hides over one and a half thousand species belonging to one, the most numerous, family of lizards. That is why scinches (Scincidae) are so different way of life, appearance, food addictions and the way they reproduce their own kind. Description of skinks The differences between skinks begin from the exterior: some are brightly colored, others are not very noticeable.